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Post  Connor2013(retired) on October 31st 2008, 8:41 pm

1.) No harassment or flaming

2.) No impersonation

3.) No spamming- 10 maximum smiles per post also (advertising, bumping, and multi-posting )

4.) Please post atleast once a week to stay in the clan

5.) No double posting EDIT: You can double post as long as its not spam.

6.) The Admins (Darkman Alex and Dark_Mega1) and Mods (Connor2013, Bladewarrior, Wicked Dragonmaster, Rocky) team have final say

7.) Game accounts (No giving away/selling account/s, begging, offering upgrades)

8.) Mods and Administrators can delete or lock messages at any time

9.) Foreign Languages - not allowed without translation

10.) No multiple accounts.

11) No trick links/pranking

12.) No backseat/mini-modding

13.) No plagiarism

14.) Account Responsibility - Protect your password; keep it updated

15.) No whining

16.) Do NOT ask us if we will rank you up. We will decide if we rank you up or not so do NOT ask us to

17.) Try to be as grammatically correct as possible, sometimes its hard to understand people ~Added by Dark_Mega1, August 17th 2009

•Rules Enforcement
•Ban Evasion- Will be determined how long by how bad the act what.

Please just follow the rules and have a good time. I don't like banning people. Thanks

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