Final Fantasy XII (12)

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Final Fantasy XII (12)

Post  Wicked Dragonmaster on April 17th 2009, 7:23 am

Part One-castle

When you first start out you begin at a castle. Basch gives a little tutorial on gameplay, so just do what he says. Then go through the gate and attack the guard. Then walk down the bridge and attack the air cutter remora. If you need to you can cast heal and attack by using thunder. When you walk around you regain your mp. The remora will try to use remora strike which hits everyone but can be blocked. When you beat the remora, basch will use a technique you can learn later in the game. I think its kamahamaha <-----(correct me on this later). You will then see 3 guards come down from the steps to try and stop you, kill them any way you please. When you walk up the stairs basch tells you about the maps.Walking down the hall, basch tells you about the "fleeing" button r2. Use it if you don't want your party members attacking things. Just look at either of the maps and head to the throne room. When going up the stairs, basch tells you about saving crystals. They restore your party too. Orange crystals teleport you to other orange crystals, if you have teleportation stones. After killing the 3 guards that appear, you can open the door that takes you down a hallway.


more to come-rabanastre

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Re: Final Fantasy XII (12)

Post  Dark_Mega1 on April 17th 2009, 7:32 am

I think its kamahamaha <-----(correct me on this later).

Its called Fulminating Darkness...why dont i just correct now =)



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