The Prison of Zartakla

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Re: The Prison of Zartakla

Post  Dark_Mega1 on July 25th 2009, 1:02 am

Back in the Villains Lair

Leader: Hm...Bartek has failed

MOM: I always knew he was useless.

Caveman(who isnt a caveman anymore, that was a discuise, so MOM2 now): And Teo's betrayal...who would've guest Strife was his son.

Leader: Go find the data on what they are doing now.

*A few minutes later, MOM runs in*

MOM: They have just left the forest, but thats not important, what is is that...Yachiro is with them...



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Re: The Prison of Zartakla

Post  Wicked Dragonmaster on August 4th 2009, 3:11 am


Will:now were out of the forest.... but into a desert *depressed sigh*

strife: just our luck

teo:so where do we go now? we have no sense of direction

monkey:*monkey noises* wait for night and follow the stars?

will:good idea monkey!

*turns to night in about 5 min*

yachiru (the silent one) :that was fast


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