New Art Forum!

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New Art Forum!

Post  Charon(retired) on July 15th 2009, 3:01 pm

To everyone who owned a Gallery:
I apologize, but the entire old Art forum got deleted. If you had an Art Gallery, you will need to remake it. If you already were approved, post in the new approval thread telling me you were and I will re-approve you. There is no need to repost your form.
I am making everyone who lost their gallery something that they can put in their new galleries to show that they survived the loss. Sort of like a Charon's Nametag ;P

To all members:
Now our Art Forum will be much cleaner and easier to browse!
Art Gallery Discussion has taken the place of the Sandbox!
Now approved artists may open shops along with galleries!

Come and see it!

PS: If you have any questions, please PM me. I'm always happy to help!
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