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Discussion Rules

Post  Charon(retired) on July 15th 2009, 3:28 pm

The AGD takes the place of the Sandbox. It is like a very large version of the Sandbox, only easier to browse through.

Even though these rules are posted in the AGD, they apply to all three Art Forums.

There are only a few rules:
1. Stay on topic.
2. Only post if you have something to add to the discussion. For example, don't just post the word 'cool.' Repeated offences will result in the deletion of your post.
3. If you are going to criticize someones art, make sure you do it in a nice way and try to say things that will help them improve their art.
4. DO NOT MAKE A NEW TOPIC. If there is not a topic for the picture you are trying to share with people, PM me and I will decide if the topic should be created or not. Any topic made without my permission will be deleted immediately. This is only to keep this section clean.

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